Being prescient is being predictive, intuitive, prophetic and a visionary.

As Steve Jobs puts it, “Your time on this earth is limited, don’t live someone else’s life, live by your vision.”
Successful celebrities, and people of prominence always have a mentor or guru to guide them, support them and help formulate strategies that help them strive towards their vision. The same applies to business leaders as well, but most entrepreneurs do not really have a mentor, and hence, hit a roadblock when it comes to setting formidable goals for their business and working towards them.

That’s where we come in.

At Prescient Strategist, we, business visionary Nimish Desai and life coach Kalyani Kamble bring a collective experience of over 45 years in nailing the art and science doing what it takes to push businesses to the next level. With our powerful programs, we wish to guide and provide path-breaking techniques, practical knowledge and information that will help businessesaccelerate, scale up, develop a market edge and excel.

So, whether you are struggling with low cash flow, staggering sales, stress and anxiety, non-performing teams or just want to scale up your business, begin your entrepreneurial journey or start a new business vertical, Prescient Strategist has a program for you that will transform the way your business functions and help you achieve your goals.

Why Stagnate When You Can Soar?

Some of the most successful organisations today have up to 20-year-goal plans. Their strategies, systems and people are aligned towards those making those goals a reality. On the contrary, goal-setting – a crucial step of scaling up, is not executed in the right way in most small businesses and they reach a plateau in their growth timeline. The mindset of stagnation or just ‘getting by’ prevents business leaders from thinking big and reaching greater heights.
It’s time to take your business to the Pinnacle of success
Ready to take the flight of change? Here’s how Prescient Strategist can help:
We help your organisation build foolproof success strategies
Organisations are all about creating profitable and sustainable strategies, having precise systems and a driven team. We help organisations identify their strengths and help them build scalable business with winning strategies so that they work towards a healthy bottom line.

We work on people

Any organisation is as good as its people. Since business performance has a direct relationship with the attitude of its people, we mentor, condition, build and motivate great teams to get your business on autopilot. To ensure this, we formulate a yearly training calendar to suit your and your team’s organisational skills.
A wise business owner will see training and coaching as an investment and not an expense. Through our powerful training modules, we make sure that your teams are upgraded and skilled to perform at their best. We also equip business owners and their employees with clarity of thought using empowering tools and techniques, so that they can fix and overcome challenges and channelize their energies.
We help give you a market edge
In order to rise above competition and reach the next level, a business needs to have a creative and innovative edge. We help you identify your strengths, enhance your standout factors and create a unique value proposition with a distinct brand image so you have a presence in the market. A thriving business needs to have products and services that deliver an unmatched value to the customers.
We help you overcome stress and anxiety
As a business owner, your organisation is ultimately a reflection of YOU. Your goals, business relationships, profitability and leadership qualities are linked to your mindset. We conduct a mindset coaching for business owners, so that they effectively combat stress and uncertainty with power and passion.

We give your business a meaning

We help you create a Vision and Mission for your organization. We help build a value system which is inspiring and motivating. An organization with deeply rooted values will have a culture that stands strong in midst of adversity. We help you communicate and imbibe this value system into your employees.
Through our training and engagement initiatives, we help cultivate people and processes that stay committed to organizational values. We also help bring about an alignment between organizational goals and your employees’ personal goals.

We help you build a business with a purpose and a social responsibility so that you have a larger motive to work for and contribute to the society with CSR activities.