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Business Coaching

Few entrepreneurs can boast of the depth of knowledge that Nimish holds in guiding businesses to the peak of their success.

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Life Coaching

Kalyani is a certified Life and Leadership Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a certified trainer from the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET).

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Online Courses

With our powerful programs, we wish to guide and provide path-breaking techniques.

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Read & download eBooks. Great selection of modern and classic books.

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About Prescient

At Prescient Strategist, we are Nimish Desai, a business visionary, and Kalyani Kamble, a life coach, bringing together over 45 years of combined experience in boosting businesses. We specialize in the art and science of taking businesses to the next level. Our impactful business coaching programs offer practical techniques and knowledge to help businesses grow, succeed, and stand out in the market. As the top business coaches in India, our goal is to guide you towards growth, provide personalized strategies, and ensure your business thrives.


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Why does your business need a Mentor?

It’s natural to feel sceptical at first when you hear the term, “business mentor .” After all, as a leader, your business is your baby, and the thought of an external expert helping you figure things out might be difficult to comprehend. However, having a business mentor on board has several advantages, as business coaches are highly trained individuals who have experienced business challenges themselves. According to an ICF Global Coaching Client Study, of all the organisations that invested in a business mentor, 70% stated that they had improved work performance, 80% reported higher levels of self confidence in their workers and 51% observed better team effectiveness. Numbers don’t lie, do they?

Your business gets a direction

Business mentors are trained to understand a business, pick out problem areas, work with the business leader and provide direction.

Your team is motivated

Business mentors don’t merely provide consultations. They equip leaders and teams inside out to restore self-confidence, recognise their strengths and function optimally.

You are suggested new strategies

A fresh perspective in managing your company can be provided by a business coach, as they understand the nuances of research and the mastery of coaching skills.

Your business runs on autopilot

Ultimately, your goal as an organisational leader is to have all systems functioning in tandem so that your business can run independent of you.

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